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Open Access at PFW

Ask a Librarian

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Erika Mann
Assistant Librarian
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Open Access Policy FAQ

Why are we doing this?

What does the policy do for me?

What’s in it for ?

Is ’s policy unique?

Will this policy result in a burdensome administrative overhead and a difficult compliance process?

Who will monitor implementation of the policy?

Grant of Rights

How does this policy work?

Is taking the rights to my writing?

How is granting a nonexclusive license to compatible with being able to exercise ‘all rights under copyright’?

Why make this an automatic license? Why not just suggest that faculty individually retain a license for open access distribution?

What happens if I mistakenly sign a publisher’s agreement that conflicts with the policy?

What if a journal publisher refuses to publish my article because of the prior permission given to under the policy?

What happens if I get into legal difficulty when attempting to comply with the policy?

Deposit in Opus

What kinds of writing does the policy ask to be deposited?

Does the policy apply to articles I’ve already written?

Does the policy apply to co-authored papers?

What version of the paper is submitted under this policy?

When and how do I submit a paper to Opus under this policy?

Do I have to pay an "open access fee" in order to comply with the policy?

Could I retract a paper later if a publisher required me to do so?

Opting Out of IPFW's Open Access Policy (Obtaining a Waiver)

How do I opt out?

If I opt-out, should I still deposit my article?

What is the purpose of the waiver?

Does the opt-out provision undermine the policy?

Impact of Policy on Scholarly Publishing System

Will the Open Access Policy increase Faculty vulnerability to piracy of our intellectual property?  Plagiarism?

Will this policy harm journals, scholarly societies, small friendly publishers, or peer review?

How have publishers responded to open access policies?

Why doesn’t the policy express support for open access journals?