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Writing Center

Online Assistance

You don’t need to come to campus to receive help from the Writing Center and Speech Service!

eConsult Service

If you'd like help but your schedule doesn't match with our availability, the eConsult service is for you! You can request help with your writing and speeches/presentations through our online form. Within two to three business days of your submission--not including university breaks or closures--you will receive a response from with your assignment (with our recommendations and comments on the draft) and a PDF summary of the consultation which also can be used as "proof" for required visits. If you need help with the delivery of a speech, you can upload a recording to YouTube (no need to publish it) and include the link to the video on the request form.

If we need to contact you for more information, it may delay the return of your submission. It may also take longer to return your submission during our busy times (especially the weeks leading up to and during midterms and finals), so please plan ahead. Our business hours are shortened over the summer semesters, which will also delay the return of your requests.

Note: We put our comments on your document using the comments feature in Word. To read the comments, you'll need to open the document on a desktop or laptop computer and be sure Show Comments is selected on the Review tab.

We are open for Summer 2024 from May 13 - June 21. We look forward to assisting you!

Virtual Consultations

When you want or need the interaction of a face-to-face appointment, but coming to campus is not an option, you can schedule a virtual appointment!

You'll schedule through TutorTrac and choose Online Assistance as the Reason. Within 5 minutes of your appointment start time, log into TutorTrac and click the Enter Online Appointment button that appears in the TutorTrac Main Menu box under the Upcoming Appointments heading (please note the button only appears within five minutes of your appointment time. If it's within 5 minutes of your appointment start time and you don't see the button, refresh your screen). The button will launch Zoom on your computer and take you to your consultant's virtual lobby. When it's time for your appointment, your consultant will connect with you.

Pro Tips

  • Use a laptop or desktop for your appointment so you can view and edit your draft while speaking with your consultant (relying only on a smartphone isn’t recommended).
  • Be able to give your full attention to the appointment, just as you would for a face-to-face meeting.
  • Make sure your Internet connection is strong, and your incoming and outgoing audio is fully functional.
  • Make sure you are in an environment with few to no distractions, and take steps to avoid interruptions.


  • You must have a device with a microphone and speakers and/or a headset with a microphone. Video and/or screen-sharing is encouraged.
  • Virtual appointments count the same as face-to-face appointments (up to three appointments per class per week, and one appointment per class per day).
  • Please do not overlap submissions to the eConsult service and face-to-face appointments for the same assignment.