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Writing Center

What Students are saying about the Writing Center

Students are talking about the Writing Center and their experiences! Don't just take our word, listen to what your peers have to say about how the Writing Center has helped them!

"My experience was exceptional as this is the first time I have used the program. [My consultant] listened and understood what I was looking for assistance with. Then guided me to resources and discussed how to use that information to achieve my desired outcome." (In-person scheduled Consultation)

"My consultant was straightforward, detailed, and pointed out the main issues within the essay."

"[My consultant gave a] thorough explanation and showed me other tools to help me later on." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"[He] was very helpful in the brainstorming process. He gave me a lot of advice and was a great person to bounce ideas off of. He is amazing at his job." (In-person Walk-in Consultation)

"She was very understanding and helpful! I have gained more knowledge about using Purdue Owl's website and I have a better understanding with citing more accurately in APA 7th edition format." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"He was very helpful! He did a wonderful job of listening and helping me with my paper proposal. We went over my sources and he gave excellent feedback regarding my sources. He did a great job with assisting me. I felt that he was supportive and truly cared about my work. I highly recommend [him] at the writing center." (In-Person Walk-in Consultation)

"She communicated really well that helps the dynamic of the whole tutoring process." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"He offered me sound advice on how to fix my problem rather than just telling me what needed fixed. Plus, it was nice to be talked to like a regular person instead of having a human robot walk me through my paper. 10/10 would schedule an appointment with [him] again. He gave me sound advice and great resources to improve my writings with in the future and I can't thank him enough!" (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"She is very encouraging and easy to get along with. She shares many ideas that really helps with my paper." (In-person Walk-in Consultation)

"It was my first time and it was excellent. Overall I had a great experience and I got great feedback. He took it slow and easy, and gave great feedback." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"Straight to the point and was really easy to work with, had very great insight. [Improvement?] nah bro chill as he is." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"...[he] did an amazing job! He took the time to listen to my work and actively asked questions that were helpful. He also came across as non judgmental and very kind." (In-person Walk-in Consultation)

"As always, [she] has been very helpful, especially with all the tiny little details!" (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"He was very comfortable with talking and it was very helpful for me to be able to talk to him and not be nervous when asking questions." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"I got extremely good feedback and tips on my essay. Also, it was very engaging." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"I liked that when they got stumped with something (such as not having much guidance for the abstract) they were able to locate examples and guides from the Purdue OWL writing guides." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"The consultant immediately recognized me as an individual who was attached to what I had written and was empathetic about cutting off pieces of my paper." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)

"The way my consultant explained to me everything in depth and really understandable way. consultant supported me in the most perfect manner." (In-person Scheduled Consultation)