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BUS 40100 and BUS 59000

This guide will serve as a resource as you work through your strategic living case study.

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PESTEL Best Bet Resources

1. Search for your industry

2. Choose the best industry report

3. Use the tabs to navigate the full report, click the "iExpert" icon for a graphic overview, and follow other links for related market research and risk ratings.

1. Search for your industry and "United States". For best results, choose "industry reports" in the drop-down box.

2. Use the options on the right side and across the top to narrow the results to the best industry and only the US.

3. View the entire report via the PDF near the top, or browse each report using the right-side menu.

4. Pay attention to the FIVE FORCES ANALYSIS of the industry!

5. Notice that you can download/export any of the charts to use in your own report.

P - Political

  • Regulations/deregulation
  • Copyright, patents, trademarks, intellectual property
  • Trade control, import/export, tariffs,
  • Taxes on corporations increase/decrease
  • Government increases/decreases funding for certain industries
  • Government friendly or unfriendly toward potential trading countries/partners

Helpful Resources:

E - Economic

  • Fiscal policies
  • Growth rates, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates
  • Unemployment rate
  • Labor Costs, union –vs-non-union
  • Credit costs
  • C.P.I., levels of consumers disposable income
  • Price fluctuations and availability of raw materials
  • Weather, climate change influences
  • Price of transporting raw materials and finished goods

Helpful Resources:

S - Social

  • Population growth rate
  • Age of population
  • Health consciousness
  • Career attitudes-older workers not as willing to work long hours.
  • Buying habits
  • Attitudes toward buying foreign vs domestic made goods
  • Age and sex distribution
  • Attitudes toward perceived  product quality and customer service
  • Attitudes toward “green products” & renewable energy.
  • Education and income levels
  • Lifestyle, habits, hobbies.

Helpful Resources:

T - Technological

  • Rate of technological change
  • Spending on Research & Development
  • Legislation regarding technology
  • Communication infrastructure
  • Internet infrastructure and usage
  • Is the industry/company technologically a leader or follower?
  • Social Media-usage and coverage. Is is positive or negative? Use in marketing and public relations.

Helpful Resources:

E - Environmental / Ecological

  • Weather influences
  • Climate Change
  • Laws regulating environmental pollution
  • Recycling and use of recycled materials
  • Waste management-costs, regulations, how is waste disposed of?
  • Attitudes toward “green” or ecological products and raw materials
  • Attitudes, support for and costs for renewable energy

Helpful Resources:

L - Legal

  • Anti-trust laws
  • Discrimination law
  • Copyright, patents / Intellectual property law
  • Consumer protection and e-commerce
  • Employment law
  • Health and safety law
  • Data Protection Rules & regulations
  • Legal cases/lawsuits-impacts and costs

Helpful Resources: