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Fanfiction 101: Customizing Your Superheroes

How to Post

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  1. Pick a repository or zine for your fanfiction.  Some things to keep in mind when picking a location:
    • Are you going to eventually be posting in more then one genre? If so, do you want your works to be in one location or do you mind if they are spread out?
    • If you are thinking about publishing in a zine, do they allow you to repost it later to a repository? If so, is there an embargo period? What is the length?
    • How long has the zine or repository been around and how large is it? Do you think it will be still be active in 5 years? 10?
    • Where are your favorite stories posted? 
    • What kind of statistics and reviewing options are there?  Can you find out how many people have read your story and what they think about it later?
  2. Investigate and read some posts and stories on the site/zine you've chosen.  Become familiar with the conventions of posting on that particular site.  Every one is different.  .
  3. Prepare your basic story contents.  Typically you will see the following listed at the beginning of a fanfic with the order and conventions depending on the location:
    • Fandom
    • Author
    • Title
    • Pairing list or main characters
    • Type of Fic - Example: AU, songfic, angst, ...
    • Warnings & Spoiler Alerts
    • Disclaimer - Example: "I'm not making money on this.  I don't own these characters, but I really wish I did."
    • Author's Notes (A/N) - May also be seen at the end of the story
    • Summary

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