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EDU 608 Legal Perspectives On Education

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Ann Marshall
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EDU 608 Legal Perspectives On Education

Adapted from Posters, Federal Art Gallery, 50 Beacon St., Boston,

Landmark Cases

• Nexis Uni: Indiana Supreme Court Cases from 1817

Legal Documents: Indiana Code and Statutes

Legal Documents: Federal Laws and Statutes

Legal Documents: Courts of Indiana Decisions & Case Records

Articles: Law Reviews

Articles: Examples of Law Journals & Periodicals

Articles: Education & Interdisciplinary Databases

Articles: News Sources


Websites: Additional Sources

Diagram of the U.S. Court System


Federal Courts

Chart Source:

See also the map of the U.S. District Courts and Court of Appeals

Websites: Indiana

Websites: Education Law Overviews

Websites: About State and Federal Courts

Citation Guides & Tutorials