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Nursing Resources: Publishing and Presenting Checklist

Ask a Librarian

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Shannon Johnson
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Before you publish or present, make sure you've done these things:

  • Discussed your ideas with your faculty mentor.
    • They will make sure you are following appropriate procedures.
    • Often students have bigger plans for publication or presentation than are manageable in the timeframe.  Your mentor can help you to keep the work feasible.
    • Create a timeline with your mentor of what the steps will be and the general order and time frame they need to happen in.
    • Make sure you are in IRB compliance.  Don't know what that means? STOP and TALK to your mentor.
  • Conducted a review of the evidence (often meaning literature) on the topic.
    • Be as extensive as you need to be.
    • You may need to go back more than five years depending on your subject and audience.
    • Get help from your librarian early.  They can help you determine the scope of review you need and the best way to narrow your focus.hand holding a pen up triumphantly
  • Outline what you want to talk about
    • No matter if you are writing or presenting, you need to know what it is you want to say before you say it.  An outline can really help with this
    • Go over your outline with your mentor and/or the Writing Center.
  • Before you start, have a journal or conference you plan to submit to.
    • You need to know where you are sharing your hard work before you actually sit down to create it, that way you know what requirements they have.
    • Make sure your outline matches the requirements of the journal or conference for content, subject, and general length.
    • Keep a copy of the requirements next to you as you work and refer to them frequently. 
  • Revise, Revise, and Revise again
    • Make sure to proof read your article, slides, or poster.  Have several other people look it over.
    • When you think you are done, set it aside. Wait a few days.  Review it again.  Repeat as time allows.
    • There comes a point, however, when you just have to submit something.  Don't be shy - get your work out there.