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Nursing Resources: Publishing & Presenting in Nursing

Ask a Librarian

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To publish or present?

There are many opportunities in nursing to share your experiences and expertise.  Three of the most common are:

  • Writing an article for publication in a trade or academic journal
  • Presenting an oral presentation at a conference
  • Presenting a poster presentation at a conference

Which you choose will have a lot to do with what it is you are wanting to share, what your faculty mentor recommends, and the audience you want to reach.  For example, trade journals are read by more nurses on average than academic journals and often take shorter articles; however, academic journals are typically seen as more prestigious and can often mean more on a resume.  The thing to remember is that every journal or conference has specific requirements for the type of material or research they accept. Make sure that what you want to share is something they are interested in seeing before you take the time to submit.

Suggested Titles for Writing in the Health Sciences

Here are some resources on writing, publishing, and presenting that may help.