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Tilt Brush

Exporting Media

Tilt Brush allows the exporting of:

  • 3D Models (FBX)
    • Not available on wireless Quest version
    • Effects such as bubbles, fog, and animated tools will not be exported properly.
  • Images (PNG)
  • Gifs
  • Videos (mp4)

VIVE Instructions

  1. Go to Tilt Brush on the VIVE.
  2. For Videos, Images, and Gifs
    1. Go to the Tools bar, and select "Cameras."
    2. Get what you want to show in the snapshot view, and pull the trigger on the controller.
    3. You can swap to video, 5-second gif, and auto-gif by swiping right or left on the touch pad.
  3. For 3D Models
    1. Point at the left controller and select "More Options…"
    2. Select "Labs."
    3. Select "Export."
  4. To access all exports, go to C:\Users\PFW Library\Documents\Tilt Brush
    1. 3D Models are in the folder called "Exports."
    2. Images and Gifs are in the folder called "Snapshots."
    3. Videos are in the folder called "Videos."

Oculus Instructions

This process can be a bit problematic.  If there are any issues, please consult with a supervisor or lab assistant.

  1. Connect the headset to the desktop using the cable that says "Quest Link Cable."
  2. Go to the file explorer on the PC.
  3. Go to the Tilt Brush Media Library ( This PC\Quest\Internal shared storage\Tilt Brush\Media Library ).
  4. Put the file you're importing into the correct folder. (e.g. images folder for images).
  5. Disconnect the Quest from the PC.