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CS 306 Computers in Society


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The course is designed to help participants to:

  • Be aware of a variety of views of computing, including: historical; professional; social; political and cultural.
  • Identify areas of society where information technology has had a substantial impact and where its effects may be of concern.
  • Appreciate how different perspectives can contribute to making choices about the development and use of computing technology.
  • Appreciate the legal and social issues associated with the use of computers in organisations and computer crime.
  • Critically assess the concepts, theories and issues in recent public debates about technology and society.
  • Provide informed opinions in discussion and debate about topics relating to technology and its effect on society
  • Understand that technology has an impact on society but also that society has an impact on technology. The need for something may lead to a development or improvement of a technology.

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Selected Resources

To develop and refine your search, it often helps to consult a specialized dictionary, encyclopedia, handbook, textbook, guide, or bibliography. They offer topic or reseaarch problem overview written by an expert. They may provide an historical perspective, a chronology of events, definitions of terms or concepts, or bibliographic references leading to the literature in a particular field of study.