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Civics Literacy: Program Requirements

Supplemental Resource Guide for PFW's Civics Literacy Proficiency Program

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Emily Tock

Civics Literacy Proficiency Requirements

To obtain Civics Literacy Proficiency, students will pass PFW’s Civics Knowledge Test, AND complete an educational activity as part of the chosen Civics Literacy Pathway. At PFW, there are two pathway options:

  • Civics Events and/or Recordings Pathway
    • Attend and/or listen to four approved civics-related events or recordings. A list of approved events and recordings will be provided to students.
    • Pass the required Civics Knowledge Test
  • Approved Course Pathway
    • Earn a passing grade in one of these approved courses:
      • COM 21000 Debating Public Issues
      • COM 31200 Rhetoric in the Western World
      • HIST 10501 American History 1
      • HIST 10601 American History 2
      • POL 10300 Introduction to American Politics
      • POL 21100 Introduction to Law
      • POL 21200 Making Democracy Work
    • Pass the required Civics Knowledge Test


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