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Digital Badging

Badging Overview

LMS vs Badging


example of badges displaying


  • Pros:

    • Already have access
    • Familiar to students and faculty
    • Plenty of assessment options
  • Cons
    • No easy integration into resumes or Linkedin
    • Limited access to create "courses"



  • Pros
    • Easy integration into resumes or Linkedin
    • Doesn't require assistence from campus IT
    • Easy to set up
    • Content could be reused for other instruction
  • Cons
    • Most platforms have a fee (we had access already)
    • New system to learn
    • More limited assessment options

Selecting a Platform

Passport homepage

Designing a Curriculum

Passport badge group for library training

Badging Structure

Level 1

Library Customer Service 1 badgeConding a basic reference interview badgeLibrary Circulation Basics badgeessential tech badgeSearch basics badge

Level 2

Customer service 2 badgeSearching 2 badgeDetermining crediblity badgeGoogle master badge

Level 3

Searching 3 badgeProfessional communication badge

Level 4 - Under Development

Customer Service Wiz


badge page for conding a basic reference interview