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Library Teaching Services

In-Person Library Instruction Sessions

Instruction Sessions can cover a variety of topics, such as:

  • Brief overview of library resources (5 min.)
  • Scholarly vs popular literature comparison (15 min.)
  • Primary vs secondary resources (20 min.
  • Evaluating credibility of sources (20 min.)
  • Overview of specific database (please include name of database in the comments section). (15-30 min.)
  • In class search time with librarian available to answer questions. Requires computer lab. (30 min. minimum)
  • For more information see our Classroom and IL page.

Online Instruction

The library has a range of tutorials and videos on information literacy topics that can be embedded into Blackboard courses.  A full list of available tutorials, videos, and quizzes are below.  To sample a tutorial please click on the title.  To add to your course, please use the provided course web link.  This will allow any quiz or assessment pieces to integrate into your gradebook. 

To add a web link to your course in Blackboard, go to Build Content and use the Create Web Link option. 


Next, select the "This link is to a Tool Provider" option.  You can then choose to enable or disable any evaluation piece attached to that link and set the points possible for the gradebook.  Points for a link are optional.

Create Web Link page in Blackboard

For help with these tutorials, please contact the Helmke Library at


If you are using four or more of the tutorials we also recommend using the pre and post tests provided to asess the impact of the tutorials.  These can also be directly added to Blackboard either for credit or completion grade only.

Getting Started Tutorials

Searching Tutorials

Evaluation Tutorials

Writing and Citation Tutorials

Plagiarism & Intellectual Property Tutorials