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Banned and Challenged Books

Current Events Further Reading

One of the most frequent reasons cited for a book challenge has to do with content related to LGBTQ+ characters, situations, or themes.  Many of these same titles are also award winners for teen and young adults in both fiction and non-fiction.  While there has been a massive increase in the number of books being challenged for this reason in the last few years there is a long history of censorship of LGBTQ+ voices.  Below you will find more information about current and historical challenges to LGBTQ+ materials.

Historical Further Reading

This is the front page of the Police News at the time of Wilde's trial in London's Bow Street.  It shows a three panel drawing set. Panel one is a horse drawn police wagon with VR ont he door and side and a crowd of angry men.  Second panel is Wild and Taylor in the Dock showing Wilde lookng forward.  Third panel is Wilde is Ill in Prison and shows a man examinging Wilde's hand while a guard watches.