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Timemapper Guide: Start Here

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Erika Mann
Director of Digital Initiatives, Technology, and Scholarship
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What is Timemapper?

Timemapper, by Open Knowledge Labs, is an open-source tool for creating timelines and interactive timemaps (a timeline that connects events to points on a geographic map). It uses open-source components (including TimelineJS, ReclineJS, Leaflet, Backbone, and Bookstrap) and is freely available for anyone to use. Using a spreadsheet template, you can connect site and image URLs to dates and places to build interactive maps. Publishing your Timemap does require that it is first published on a Google spreadsheet. You can also create an account using a Twitter account that will allow you to save and edit the Timemaps and timelines you have created. The timemaps and timelines can be linked to and even embedded on websites and other digital publications.