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Omeka S

Director of Digital Initiatives, Technology, and Scholarship

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Erika Mann
Director of Digital Initiatives, Technology, and Scholarship
(260) 481-5404

About Omeka

As described on its website, Omeka is "a free, flexible, and open source web-publishing platform for the display of library, museum, archives, and scholarly collections and exhibitions" and is a project of the Corporation for Digital Scholarship. Omeka has three versions of its platform:

  • A hosted instance where individuals and groups can create Omeka sites that do not require any installation and are published on Omeka's server. The free trial plan is limited to 500 mb of storage. Multiple plans are available at cost for additional storage and functionality options.
  • Omeka Classic: For individual projects and educators. Omeka Classic is open source but is not hosted and so requires a server and installation for use.
  • Omeka S: For institutions managing a sharable resource pool across multiple sites. This instance of Omeka is hosted by the institution and allows for customizations that are made available to all users at that institution. Self-described as "a next-generation web publishing platform for institutions interested in connecting digital cultural heritage collections with other resources online."

Getting Started with Omeka S

Purdue University Fort Wayne faculty, staff, and students have access to Omeka S, the institutional version of the open source Omeka platform, through the Purdue University West Lafayette instance. In order to be added to the Omeka users group for access, please email Erika Mann at

Once you have been added to the Omeka users list, you can access Omeka S through the link below and log in using your university credentials.

This guide includes tutorials for:

  • Adding an item
  • Adding media
  • Mapping an item
  • Creating an item set
  • Adding an item to an item set
  • Creating a page and adding content

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