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Scholarly Identity

Scholarly Identity?

Scholarly identity is the presence and reputation you have within academics by maintaining profiles and connections online. By using personal websites and academic, professional and social media platforms, you can showcase your research, publications and interests to connect with others and access more opportunities.

Why Is Having a Scholarly Identity Important?

In academics, “reputation” usually means the overall impression of one’s achievements, research impact, presentation and teaching abilities, and their professional network. Developing a good reputation is important for success as an academic, especially considering the importance of having an effective online presence goes without tell. A good reputation is among the most important assets a scholar can possess to improve their career. Just like other skills, this must be developed and maintained. Building a respectable reputation takes time, diligence, and dedication, and there are multiple resources to help you. 

Why Do You Need a Maintained Scholarly Identity?

  1. Manage and enhance your reputation as a scholar 
  2. Distinguish yourself as a professional
  3. Reduce false information about you and your work
  4. Achieve recognition and career, research, and collaboration opportunities 
  5. Increase your visibility, credibility, and authenticity  
Scholars develop reputations when more people know of them and their research. More importantly, students are interested in who their professors are, so having a maintained, online presence is crucial to developing a reputation that attracts students to your classes.