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BUS 59000 Strategic Management

Company Research: Industries, Advantages, and Distinctives

Click on "Company Dossier" and then search for your company. Look for the following:

  • Industry codes: NAICS and SIC codes are on the main page. These indicate the primary and secondary industries in which the company operates. Learn more about industry codes here.
  • Browse the left-hand side to find a company hierarchy, information about executives, recent news sources, recent legal cases, SEC filings, analyst reports, and recent patents and trademarks.

Search for a report about your company. On the report page you can download the whole PDF or browse each section via. the right-hand menu. Look for:

  • A SWOT analysis, which will reveal advantages and competencies
  • Links to competitors for related reports that you can compare
  • Links to related industry information

Public companies use their websites as a platform for persuasion. Consider what you learn about the company from the website itself. What products and priorities are highlighted in images and site organization? What messages are they trying to convey?

Look for a page for "investors" or "partners." This page will include clues about their perceived strengths. Find the annual report for an overview of what the company believe it's strengths, opportunities, and challenges are, along with it's financial reports.

Competitive Position and Competitor Research

If your company deals with a consumer market, search for the company and/or the industry using the box in the top right. You may need to narrow down the results to the US if that's where the company functions.

If you find an industry report:

  • Compare what your company is doing to any noted trends, challenges, and industry norms.
  • Click on "related statistics" on the left-hand side, then select the colored box related to company market-share or brand-share. Compare your company's products to competitors and note any insights. Data may be downloaded, exported, charted, or adjusted via the left-hand menu.
  • View related reports in case there's something relevant.

If you find a company profile:

  • Download the PDF or use the left-hand menu to view strategic evaluation and positioning, strategy, operations, recommendations, and more.
  • Click on "Related Statistics" and then the relevant colored boxes to view market share and brand share.
  • Explore related Company Profiles and Industry Reports.

Financial Analysis, Industry Ratios, and Comparisons

Most of the financial information you need can be found in the databases listed above. Also consider:

Search for your company. Use the left-hand menu to view in-depth information and analysis.

  • Under Financials, view "Key Stats" for popular ratios. Click on any figure to view how it was calculated and where the information came from.
  • Under "Peer Analysis" click "Quick Comps" for a comparison view of your company and competitor financials. Use the tabs to find different views, click on the "i" symbol for the competitor's 'tear sheet' including ratios.
  • If desired, use the Peer Analysis or Chart Builder pages to produce graphics of the finances you're most interested in visualizing.