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Bargain Basement Assessment


  • Project Outcomes
    • Using Giant Papers and/or white boards provides a way for students to show comprehension through project-based learning
  • 1 Minute Paper
    • One-minute papers can be used as a pre-test or post-test.  Generally, these work best for open-ended questions on the material covered or when asking the students for something they are still struggling with ("muddliest point" assessment).
  • Worksheets
    • Worksheets can be used for individual or group work, and allow students to show what they understand from the session. 
  • Index Cards
    • At the beginning & end of session, one can have students answer a question about the content on an index card.  Collect the cards at the end of the session and use responses for assessment.
  • Concept Maps
    • Concept maps allow one to assess how well students see the big picture, they illustrate students' conceptual knowledge, and can be good for visual learners.