Laptop Loan Guidelines and Procedures

Title: Laptop Loan Guidelines and Procedures
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team, Information Technology Services
Date: 2015-3-24, 2011-03-16


  • The library has 16 Windows laptops available for use by Purdue University Fort Wayne students, IUFW students, faculty and staff. There are no charges for the use of the laptops; however, fines and fees may apply if the equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or returned late.


  • Only currently enrolled Purdue University Fort Wayne students, IUFW students, and active faculty and staff may check out laptops.
  • Equipment can be borrowed for 1 day (24 hours), no renewal.
  • No reservations are allowed.
  • Users cannot choose which laptop they receive.
  • Laptops can leave the building; however, not all on-campus network services will be available off-campus.



  • Dell E7440 - 14" widescreen laptop with 8GB RAM; DVD burner; Bluetooth; wireless; 3 USB 3.0 ports; up to 6 hour battery life; SD Card; and integrated video camera


  • Power cord, and wireless mouse (by request)


  • Laptops run Windows 10 and have the same software as IT Services' student lab computers, including Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, antivirus, and Adobe Reader.


  • Laptops are enabled to print to any of the WebPrint printers in goPFW.
  • Pages printed count against the lab printing allowance for each user.

Check Out

  • Users must present a valid Purdue University Fort Wayne or IUFW Mastodon Card when checking out a laptop.
  • Accessories are checked out with each laptop.
  • Users can only check out one laptop and one set of accessories at a time.
  • The borrower is responsible for the equipment and is liable for loss or damage to laptop and accessories unless damage occurs during a building emergency such as a fire.
  • Defective equipment should be reported immediately and returned to the Service Desk.


  • Laptops and all accessories should be returned to the Service Desk by handing them to a Service Desk employee. Equipment should not be left on the counter or placed in the book drop.
  • Returns must be made before the library closes or late fees may be charged.
  • Service Desk staff will assess the equipment for any damage and will clean and/or re-image the laptop as needed.

Fines and Fees

  • Late fee is $20 per day
  • The maximum late fee is $165: 7 days/one week late fees ($140) plus non-refundable service charge of $25.
  • After 7 days/one week, borrower may be billed the total replacement cost of all equipment (laptop and accessories) borrowed.

Replacement Costs

  • Laptop $1400
  • Battery $150
  • Power cord $60
  • Mouse $27.95

Misuse of Equipment

Contact Information

  • Equipment or borrowing information: Service Desk (library first floor, 260-481-6505)
  • General use computer questions: Service Desk (library first floor, 260-481-6505); IT Services Help Desk (Kettler 206, 260-481-6030,