Conduct in the Library

Title: Conduct in the Library
Category: Public
Source: Library Management Team
Date: 2009-11-10; 2014-05-28; 2017-04-25


To insure that the library is a welcoming, quiet and productive space for study and research, library users are asked to observe our simple code of conduct:

  1. The library staff will determine what action/activity by an individual or group may be defined as a disturbance.
  2. If you cause a disturbance, you will be asked to leave and University Police may be notified.

Cell Phones, Electronics and Noise in the Library

Cell phones should be set to silent ring or vibrate upon entering the library. We suggest that cell phone conversations be conducted away from public library areas where users are working and reading, for example in  the stairwells or  the building entry lobby.

Computers, electronic devices or group activities that create noise are governed by common sense and courtesy to others using the library to study. Normal conversation level is expected around the group-study computer workstations and on the second and third floors and is acceptable. The Library's fourth floor is designated as a Quiet Zone.

Food and Drink

Library users are urged to follow a "leave-no-trace" philosophy regarding food and drink in the library. Drinks should be in containers with securely fastened lids. Liquids should be poured down restroom sinks before the containers are thrown away.

Trash containers are located throughout the library.

Report spills to staff at the Service Desk on the first or second floor.

Users are liable for any damage to library materials or equipment.

Children in the Library

Well-behaved children accompanied by parents or other caregivers are welcome in the library. Children may use the collection of children's books on the third floor across from the elevator while in the Library. Children’s books may be used anywhere in the library.  Parents or caregivers and children may be asked to leave the library if children are loud or disruptive.

Public-Access Computers

Purdue University Fort Wayne and the library computing and network resources are provided for the purpose of discovering and retrieving information in support of Purdue University Fort Wayne's academic mission. Responsible use of these resources requires that individuals refrain from altering hardware, software, or data configurations. Students as well as guests on campus are required to abide by Purdue University Fort Wayne's Ethical Guidelines for Information Technology Users, by Purdue University's Antiharassment Policy and the IPFW Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.

People with disabilities have priority use of the library's wheelchair-accessible ADA workstations.

Guest users should be considerate of the sensitivities and time constraints of others in accessing materials at public-access computers and in using shared printers. Purdue University Fort Wayne students performing research and class work have priority for computer use. As a depository of government publications, Library staff will make accommodation for users needing access to online US government publications.