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HIST 495 Senior Seminar: War and Memory

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Adaped from J. Kepler's World Map, 1572, NOAA Central Library



Helmke Library Catalog Search Examples

Basic (All Fields) Search:

war memory [Hint: scroll down to limit by Subject and other fields].
war memory "world war"
world war ii france
boer war [Sorted by Date-newest]
"world war" (resistance OR underground OR pacifists)

Subject Search

"World War 1939 1945--Soviet Union"
"World War 1914 1918--Austria"
"Holocaust Jewish 1939 1945--Poland"
"World War 1939 1945--Jewish resistance--Poland"
"Collective memory--Poland"

Hint:  Look inside the catalog record for books to find Subject links as you browse!

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Reference sources can offer useful overviews and background information, but typically don't include the type of primary and secondary materials needed for the majority of your research.

Primary Sources

Helmke Library Catalog: Finding Primary Sources

While Helmke Library's Catalog can be used for finding secondary sources, it is also an excellent way to find primary sources:

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